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Модель: Karmann-Ghia
Год выпуска: 1971
Цена: 360000 руб.

Модель: Mustang GT 350 Fastback
Год выпуска: 1965
Цена: 1850000 руб.

Раздел: Мотоциклы | Nico Bakker Suzuki GSX 1000 (1978).

Марка: Nico Bakker Suzuki GSX 1000 (1978).

Описание: In the early seventies, Nico Bakker, a very accomplished road racer, had reached a point in his career where his ultimate performance was being restricted by his machinery. The problem was the handling of his bike, and this is where the Nico Bakker story really started : he decided to build a racing motorcycle frame for his own use. This first Bakker frame was built to very high standards, using only the very best materials. This became the Nico Bakker trademark. This first frame was the starting point for a new business, as his race results with this home-built motorbike was noticed by many other drivers. Other people enquired for a similar frame, and so the manufacturing company started. At the beginning of his frame-building career, Nico constructed his frames from steel tubing in the traditional manner, but his racing experience gave hem the knowledge of positioning the various tubes to achieve the optimum performance from the frame he was building. This quality of design was matched by the use of the best materials, and demand for Bakker frames was strong. By the mid to late 1970s, Bakker Framebouw was producing frames for a wide range of engines, from 50 to 1000cc, and in many different forms. In fact, the versatility was such that almost any engine was eligible for the Nico Bakker treatment, and the list of customers became bigger over the years. It included some very well know top-class racers such as Phil Read, Cecotto, Agostini, Kork Ballington, Jack Middelburg and many others. The comparatively short time in which this demand was achieved is an indication of the admiration that Bakker machines received in the motorcycle world. One of the preferred engines for the Nico Bakker treatment was the Suzuki 1000cc four, as the frame was offered in road or race trim. The main difference was that the race version utilized a monoshock suspension system. The 1000 frame was also available in other versions to accept the similar four-cylinder Japanese bike engines of that period : Honda 750 and 950cc; Kawasaki 900 and 1000cc; Suzuki 750 and 1100cc. The version we offer for sale on behalf of one of our customers, is a Nico Bakker Suzuki GSX 1000 from 1978. The motorcycle is completely correct, and fully restored. This Bakker framed Suzuki is in immaculate condition, and ready to use on the road or track. These motorcycles are very rare, and difficult to find, as most of them are sitting in private collections. We can say that this opportunity to obtain a real Nico Bakker is unique, and we expect it won\\\'t be for long on our website. Под заказ, срок 3 недели

Место расположения:

595000 руб.

Контактное лицо: Продавец

Телефон: 8-903-968-54-13